The Jimmy Wess strings in all its presentations are, the result of the highest standards for the professional musician.


Jimmy Wess is the professional string that last the longest in tune.


The Secret, which helps the quality and time of the tuning, is the result of a complex balance between the technical know how and a constructive equilibrium. These are achieved if with a high quality of the materials, the combination of them, the supervision of the production processes and the strict control of the individual specifications.


In all Jimmy Wess strings, the quality of the tuning is achieved thru a strict TENSION-PRESSURE control and the correct angle of winding of the strings. This is the result of decades of investigation and creation in our products.


More and more it proves to be the favorite strings for musicians everywhere. These strings for electric guitar and bass, offer a warm and bright sound. The fidelity and continued tuning are ideal for aggressive musicians, whose playing requires a strong resistance in the strings, without affecting the sound quality.


With 3 different sets you can match them to any instrument, different strengths from thin to thick which let you get high or low tones which adapt to the taste of the player or the sound of the band. You will also find them for electric bass.


And now trough the Power Mix line, you can get preset hybrid sets for professional play- ers with hollow body guitars and that are looking for the special sound.

Strings for Professional Electric Guitar

Strings for Professional Electric Bass

This new series integrates a heavier hybrid set of strings; which give you a more personalized sound. Made with stainless steel for the plain strings. Wounded with nickel-plated steel on a hexagonal steel core.

Strings for Professional Electric Guitar

These strings have made their way into the hearts of musicians that like the exqui- site sound that is true and envious. Made for guitars and basses, which maintains the true calling of Jimmy Wess: easy tuning and long lasting. In turn it last lasts longer than many of its competitors.


Made of high quality stainless steel and the more appropriate strings for musicians whose hands sweat while playing or only plays once in a while. This guarantees longer durability.


Its sound is bright, rich, with balanced tones, and a long stability and high resis- tance to an intense playing style.


You can find 3 sets for electric guitar and bass, which offer you a wide range of sound in the low – mid- high tones. Other string strengths are available to make your preferred set-up.

Strings for Professional Electric Guitar

Strings for Professional Electric Bass

This is the string that will go to the playing battle with you. Maintaining the attri- butes that Jimmy Wess is know for. For the passionate, methodical, and professional players, Jimmy Wess Standard Nickel Wound gives you above all, security.

Strings for Professional

Electric Guitar

Strings for Professional Electric Bass

The freedom, autonomy, safety, and independence in strings. Created for Electro acoustic and acoustic guitars.


The main characteristics of Jimmy Wess strings and the Phosphor Bronze line are: Easiness and continuity in the tuning, high resistance, duration and a careful care of the tonal range.


These are bright strings, which have the sound and assurance that will not fail you when playing.

Strings for Acoustic Guitar

Strings for

Classical Guitar






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